9 of the world's best Instagram users are gearing up to explore the adventurous side of Tropical North Queensland. Follow their road trip here!

  • Garry Norris The Epic Cape York Adventurers
  • Elisa Detrez Best Jobs Team (aka French-Canadian Flying Foxes)
  • Reichlyn Aguilar Russell Coight Appreciation Society
  • Mark Clinton The Younger Demographic
  • Matt Raimondo Matt Raimondo and The Tron Orphic

Meet the team...

Garry Norris
Garry Norris team leader

My name is Garry Norris, I am a 34 year old chef/photographer from the Gold Coast, Australia. I have always loved to travel and enjoy sharing my travels through photography. As a chef I have been trained in the "we eat with our eyes" motto, I have adopted this concept to my photography, making destinations that I visit as visually appealing as possible.

Elisa Detrez
Elisa Detrez team leader

Elisa Detrez has got wanderlust in her French blood! Traveller-aholic, webmarketer, Australia's Best job in the world winner, social media geek, she's always keen on discovering new things and going beyond her pounds!

Greg Snell
Greg Snell

Greg Snell is a traveller who lives for the moment and dreams of the future. A Canadian Adventure Tour Guide, digital media content creator, and visual storyteller he strives to explore and discover.

Maxime Coquard
Maxime Coquard

Maxime Coquard is an intrepid French photographer, who pays attention to details. From the glamorous Parisian fashion studios to the bush, his camera is always ready to capture the moment and make it unforgettable! He's Elisa's best traveller mate.

Reichlyn Aguilar
Reichlyn Aguilar team leader

Passport-carrying, camera-wielding, coffee-addicted pluviophile (google it). When it's pouring, I like to stand under streetlights and pretend I'm moving through space.

Anthony De Zen
Anthony De Zen

I was born at a young age. And I'm obsessed with anything wheels or water related. Scuba diving, dirt bike riding or racing around a track, I love them all.

Matthew De Zen
Matthew De Zen

I'm just a handsome young rooster looking for his prize hen, a rogue spirit wandering this universe, with an endless lust for new adventures and lifetime bonds. Also, Russell Coight is my hero.

Mark Clinton
Mark Clinton team leader

Mark is a young full time photographer based on the Northern Beaches, Sydney. Although being in the water is his passion, over the past year he's spent a considerable amount of time travelling the world for both work and pleasure.

Mimie Lashiry
Mimie Lashiry

Mimi's recent life has changed dramatically. Within the past 12 months her social media audience has boomed with over 430,000 followers. After a recent stint in the U.S she is now signed to Next Models in New York and Paris with work taking her to Paris in the coming months.

Darcy Dineen
Darcy Dineen

Spending his youth on Sydney’s Northern Beaches, Darcy has always grown up around sun, water and sand. More recently, Darcy has spent much of this time surfing the surrounding point breaks in Noosa.

Matt Raimondo
Matt Raimondo team leader

A filmmaker and photographer, inspired by adventure, nature and travel. This Brisbane based creative brings a wealth of experience in the art of storytelling and has the unique ability to create pieces of work that balance stunning visuals with authentic, personal stories.

Luke Barker
Luke Barker

An image capturing, word wielding adventurer, an explorer of existence and truth. Constantly overawed by the majesty of oceans, and the magic that is music. Clumsy guitarist, developing poet, evolving human. Much of myself I am yet to discover.

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